Electric Vehicle Socket Type 2 (Male), 16A, 1-phase

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Electric vehicle charging socket Type 2, Male, 16A, 240V, 1 phase. Made with a high quality insulating thermoplastic coating that provides IP54 protection against dust and water ingress from all sides and has a water drainage hole. The socket is ready for 4-point fixing and the screw end is wire-type.The socket is equipped with resistance sensors that measure the temperature very accurately and, if it rises above a safe limit, automatically reduce the charging power or switch off charging completely.The charging socket complies with all safety requirements and is resistant to vibration, moisture and dust. It is equipped with a UL94 V-0 approved fire isolator that stops the spread of fire within 10 seconds.
Features:The socket is equipped with resistance sensors that automatically switch off when the temperature rises above a safe limit.Mounted on the side of the vehicle.Excellent protection performance, protection grade IP44, resistance to vibration, moisture, dust and salt spray. Mechanical life: no-load plug in/pull out >10000 times.
Specifications:EV connector type: Type 2 (European), Male, IEC 62196-2.Number of contacts: 7.Rated Current: 16A.Operation Voltage: 250V.Operating temperature: -30 °C to +50 °CInsulation resistance: >1000M?(DC500V)Withstand Voltage: 2000VContact Resistance: 0.5m? MaxPin: Copper alloy, silver + thermoplastic on the topColor: juoda.
Warranty: 24 months.