Electric Car Adapter GB/T (Male) - Type 2 (Male)

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Electric vehicle charging adapter GB/T male to Type 2 male. This Type 2 to GB/T EV adapter is used for EVs with GB/T standard inlet socket, such as Volkswagen ID4 CROZZ, ID4 X and ID6 CROZZ ID6X or other Chinese brand electric vehicles to charge on chargers with IEC62196 type 2 charging connectors/plugs. it's easy to use, just need to connect either end of the adapter to your GB/T inlet socket on your car and the other end to the type 2 plug, you can start the charging. The AC standard (GB/T 20234.2) uses male and female connectors physically compatible with the European Type 2 connector, but with different configurations and signaling. While the European implementation of Type 2 (IEC 62196-2 Type 2) uses a female connector and male vehicle inlet, GB/T 20234.2 specifies a male connector and female vehicle inlet.  GB/T 20234.2 uses CC/CP (charging confirmation and control pilot) signals, instead of PP/CP (proximity pilot and control pilot) signaling. Adapter features current blocking button.
 Specifications:  Charging current: 32A (3-phase). Voltage: 380V AC. EV plug type 1: GB/T20234 (Chinese standard), 7 contacts, (M). EV plug type 2: Type2 (European), Mennekes, 7 contacts (M). Operating temperature -30°C to + 50°C. Safety class: IP44. Material: thermoplastic. Certificates: CE, TUV. Color: black.
 Warranty: 24 months.